I am Jechanovia, creator of this virtual sacred grove. Allow me to tell you my story:

For as long as I can remember, I have always felt a knowing; an awareness of magick. I recognized the small miracles that took place every day, and marveled at the thought that at each moment in all of history, my ancestors walked the Earth, and thanks to our interconnectedness through natural cycles, their lives led directly to my existence.

As a child, I felt very limited, as I was unable to articulate such large concepts to the people around me. Because of this I took great pleasure in time spent alone, contemplating these Universal truths. As I grew older, I quickly learned that not everyone felt the same reverence for nature and appreciation for our ancestors, so I kept these ideas close to my heart for years, knowing that they wouldn’t be fully understood by those who surrounded me.

Fast forward to Christmas 2002.

My maternal grandmother, a faithful Christian, gave me a small box, wrapped in her signature vintage wrapping paper. I opened it to find a deck of oracle cards – “Messages from Your Angels” – and was immediately intrigued. I had never been exposed to the world of Tarot, crystals, and nature-based faith, but I felt a tingle in my heart, as if someone had just unlocked the door to a world that I had been seeking without even knowing it existed.

To consider the energetic channels and chain of events that must have converged to have brought them into my hands is humbling, to say the least; it stirs deep emotions to think that the Lord and Lady sought me out, calling me home. Though brand new, the cards felt like old friends who had found their way back to me. The first time I read them, I was stunned by their accurate and poignant messages.

And so began my journey into the Esoteric Arts.

Since then, I have studied a wide range of divinatory disciplines, spiritual concepts, and have been an active practitioner of Pagan Druidry. I am also a self-proclaimed ancestry and history nerd, and proud of it.

Welcome, once again, to Tarot & Thyme.
Blessings upon you, and all you love.

~ Jechanovia