Card Reading ~ March 9

Today’s cards are all about some tough love □ A belief that you can not escape the cycle of lack, depression and victimhood is exactly what is holding you back. Of course, past (and current) experiences of hard times will affect you, and will play a part in how you move forward, but until you change your behaviours and thought patterns, you will not be able to improve the situation. Own your mistakes, focus on creating stability through self empowerment, and stop giving your power away through guilt, frustration and anger ~ a codependency has been formed, because it is always easier to blame another person, situation or experience for your hardships, actions and feelings. This habit enables you to ignore the part you have played, and avoid facing your own shadow. You can not control anyone or anything, except for yourself and the way you react – own that. You are independent and you have the means and the strength to make positive changes. Acknowledge your dreams and aspiritions, set goals, then take steps every day toward them. **You will not achieve these goals overnight**. This is a lifelong journey, and you have much to learn before you will be ready for success – but you must understand that the real gift is the adventure you embark upon in order to get there. Each tiny step will inch you forward, and when you look back on this time in the future, you will find that you’ve overcome mountains without burning yourself out. Stop trying to force things to happen ~ your tunnel vision of ego, self-pity and fear causes you to miss opportunities for growth and learning. You’re stronger than you think you are ~ don’t spend another minute hiding from your own power.

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