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Card Reading ~ March 6

The World is in your hands. Every action you take and each word you speak will create a ripple effect, so be conscious of the great power you hold. With this power comes unlimited potential, and you are capable of manifesting your dreams into physical reality. The secret is that you must follow your heart, listen to your intuition, and take mindful steps toward your goals. The time is now ~ choose to be an active participant in building the future, or be carried along with the current of someone else’s vision. ✨

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Card Reading ~ March 9

Today’s cards are all about some tough love □ A belief that you can not escape the cycle of lack, depression and victimhood is exactly what is holding you back. Of course, past (and current) experiences of hard times will affect you, and will play a part in how you move forward, but until you change your behaviours and thought patterns, you will not be able to improve the situation. Own your mistakes, focus on creating stability through self empowerment, and stop giving your power away through guilt, frustration and anger ~ a codependency has been formed, because it is always easier to blame another person, situation or experience for your hardships, actions and feelings. This habit enables you to ignore the part you have played, and avoid facing your own shadow. You can not control anyone or anything, except for yourself and the way you react – own that. You are independent and you have the means and the strength to make positive changes. Acknowledge your dreams and aspiritions, set goals, then take steps every day toward them. **You will not achieve these goals overnight**. This is a lifelong journey, and you have much to learn before you will be ready for success – but you must understand that the real gift is the adventure you embark upon in order to get there. Each tiny step will inch you forward, and when you look back on this time in the future, you will find that you’ve overcome mountains without burning yourself out. Stop trying to force things to happen ~ your tunnel vision of ego, self-pity and fear causes you to miss opportunities for growth and learning. You’re stronger than you think you are ~ don’t spend another minute hiding from your own power.

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Card Reading ~ March 21 Thoth Tarot

The 7 of Cups in the Thoth Tarot is asking us to focus on some serious shadow work. ❤ It speaks to the recent or forthcoming awareness of unhealthy influences surrounding you, which are draining your energy, health and peace of mind. These are people with whom you share some form of emotional ties, which is why their behaviour has continued, unchecked, for so long. Their poisons, so to speak, can be anything which may cause you heartache; gossip, betrayal, indifference, disloyalty or other such cruelties. This card urges you to make a choice as to what you will and will not accept from this moment on. Stand in your power, rise out of these murky, stagnant waters, and wash away the residual mess. You cannot change the behaviour of others, but you can decide to move on from toxic people and situations. ✨

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Card Reading ~ March 29 Magical Times

Action! This is no time to hesitate – you have procrastinated long enough. Fear is a reality that everyone experiences ~ a thread that ties us to our comfort zone, making it easy to convince ourselves that we will stumble and fail. Its time to cut that thread, and take action. The opportunities await you, but you’ll never see them if you keep your head in the sand! As this card says: “Movement creates magic”… Obstacles can be overcome with creativity and motivation, but nothing will change while you’re standing still! ✨ ————- Action! Ce n’est pas le moment d’hésiter – vous avez tergiversé assez longtemps. La peur est une réalité que tout le monde éprouve ~ un fil qui nous lie à notre zone de confort, ce qui rend facile de nous convaincre que nous trébucherons et échouerons. Il est temps de couper ce fil, et d’agir. Les possibilités vous attendent, mais vous ne les verrez jamais si vous gardez votre tête dans le sable! Comme cette carte dit: “Mouvement crée de la magie” … Rien ne changera si vous êtes debout! ✨

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Card Reading ~ July 11 Earth Magic

Music is key today ~ allow yourself to sing, dance, chant and hum as often as possible. Enjoy your favourite songs and artists, and consider what it is that stirs you as you listen to, sing along with, sway to, or even create music. Music is a powerful healer, each note, tone, lyric and melody vibrates at a unique frequency – when combined, those vibrations form a specific dose of spiritual medicine, and when it resonates in your heart or mind, it is a signal that your Spirit is attuning in order to meet your unique needs. Give yourself permission to heal through the amazing Magick of Music today! ???

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Card Reading, August 23 – Mystic Dreamer

It’s time to stop making excuses, get back up on that horse, and give it all you’ve got! Waiting for approval or permission from someone else could cost you an important opportunity, so trust your intuition. Of course, there is always risk of failure, but you’ll never know the taste of success if you don’t take chances. ✨

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Supermoon Samhain Reading 

​As promised ~ tonight’s Full Supermoon/Samhain reading, just for you!Embrace your courage, your wit and your cleverness! You are more than prepared for the challenges you may face in the future, so there is no need to feel afraid. Trust in your ability to communicate effectively, and don’t be afraid to ask for (and actively seek out) that which you most desire. This is a time for action, and an excellent opportunity to resolve conflicts and obstacles from your past, laying to rest any relationships, situations or habits that are not serving your positive growth. Cut the cords of attachment to the parts of your past that are no longer feeding your mind, body or spirit, and practice forgiveness as often as possible – you may wish to seek professional counseling to help you work through issues that are particularly difficult for you to overcome. Doing so is not a sign of weakness; on the contrary, reaching out for support is an act of great strength, maturity and self-care.Release your need to control the outcome of any given situation. There is a season for everything, and resistance to these natural rhythms and cycles can cause stress and anxiety, and will attract feelings of disappointment when things don’t turn out as expected. Learn to go with the flow, be flexible and enjoy each moment and its blessings. Accept that you are not perfect, and that you will not always be at the top of the Wheel of Fortune, basking in success. There will be periods of time when you need to welcome a state of dormancy or stasis in order to learn, reflect, prepare and plan for the future. Additionally, you must understand that there is an element of risk involved with any opportunity. Weigh your options, and be responsible with your decisions, of course, but without the willingness to take a risk, nothing will ever change. So let go of your masks and your shields, and be vulnerable ~ you may just surprise yourself. Your greatest fear is the fear of your own power and potential. Your heart-felt passions are intense, and your ambitions may seem too great to achieve. Some of you may find ways to distract yourself from this fear, through unhealthy habits, relationships, jobs or excuses. Others may simply play it small, keeping their skills and talents hidden, downplaying them in front of friends and family. Let me tell you, in no uncertain terms, that the world is craving your one-of-a-kind abilities. You see the world in a unique way, and you deserve to express yourself through your craft, whatever it may be. It is high time that you begin to work your own flavor of magic, and give yourself permission to be powerful and free from fear. Profound emotional healing is inevitable when you open these floodgates. Detach from the need for approval – your work will not resonate with each and every person. Do not take this personally, or feel the need to change in order to fit in. The right people are already seeking your light, so don’t dim that beacon to avoid judgement from the wrong ones.In the past, you may have relied upon others for support (financially or emotionally), and could have become somewhat co-dependent. Or perhaps you found yourself always giving to others with little to no reciprocity. In either case, you have the ability to break free from that unhealthy cycle. Of course, it is always important to maintain a balance between giving and receiving, but finding that balance is often a difficult task. You’re currently learning how to say no, while still maintaining a state of gratitude and love. Setting healthy boundaries for yourself will help you to focus on dedicating time to your passions, overcoming your fear of outside judgement, and communicating your needs. You cannot pour from an empty cup, nor can you take from one ~ the trick is to fill your own cup, and then be selective when giving of yourself. Better yet, instead of filling the cups of others, show them ways in which they can find their own fulfillment. Support each other’s efforts to become independent and confident, and enjoy a stronger, more stable relationship.So, here’s your overall guidance: This is a time to move forward and make positive, heart-centered changes that will allow you to more openly follow your passions and be true to yourself, your desires and your needs. Communication is key, particularly when asking for help, or saying “no” to others’ demands on your time. Be ready and willing to take calculated risks, and be open to the natural flow of life’s cycles as you take empowered steps to create a happy, fulfilling future.Note: I’m using the “Reflections through the Veil” spread from my Samhain e-book, available – for free – under the “ebook” tab above.

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Card Reading ~ October 27

It may seem that you’re stuck in a rut, limited in opportunities or bound to a certain lifestyle in a way that is out of your control. The Wheel of Fortune suggests that this isn’t actually the case. There is a season for everything, and right now, you’re in a season of dormancy, silence and contemplation. Although you may think that you should be resisting the urge to rest and be still, that is exactly what is needed in this moment. Give yourself permission to stop and reflect, ground and find balance. It is in this solitude that you will find clarity and solutions to the challenges you have been facing. Practice self-care, and fill up your proverbial cup, because the Wheel is forever turning, and you will soon find yourself on top of the world, once again. ✨

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Card Reading ~ December 17

Thy cup runneth over ~ have you stopped to give thanks for your blessings today? It is so easy to forget just how much we have to be grateful for. In most cases, if we pause to reflect on this, we will find that we truly are overflowing. Consider sharing this surplus of love by donating to or volunteering for your favorite non-profit organization ~ during the holiday season, we become acutely aware of the immense joy that comes from giving to others. The feeling is addictive, and may just cause cravings to be generous throughout the entire year. ❤✨ Be the love. Be the change.

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Card Reading ~ January 24

Six of Pentacles ~ it’s been rough lately, there’s no question. So many reasons to feel exhausted, fearful, uncertain and insecure. But the time has come to begin opening up your heart and mind to support those around you. Self-care is important, but when the world seems dark and scary, we risk becoming too detached from things that matter, and attached to things that don’t. This is a time to reach out to lift up those who are struggling. Release the need to argue a point or be “correct” in the eyes of another ~ it is not likely to happen. Focus on ways in which you are the same, and nurture relationships based on compassion and acceptance. Hate has not solved even one of the world’s problems ~ let’s give love a try, instead. ❤

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