Lughnasadh,  Wheel of the Year

A Lughnasadh Offering

The Sun dozes behind the clouds, having grown weary of his fiery games. A relief to the Earth, she busily works to cool her children through the brooks and streams. Following the cheerful music of water, forest opens to reveal a glassy pond dotted with flat green lily pads, the soft pink water lilies peeking out between them.

The anticipation of a sweet kiss from the water is too much to bear; slipping my feet into the welcome chill of the pond offers a solace from the summer’s blaze. As if stepping through Alice’s looking glass, the mirror wobbles as I break the surface tension. The gentle ripples twist and sway my reflection, bobbing a bathing bullfrog nearby. He indignantly kicks his legs and disappears beneath the lily pads.

Leaves rustle as the breeze joins the festivities; it brings wafts of plump raspberries and the quiet chatter of songbirds – the lapping of the water on the shore seems to hold the rhythm for their chorus. Standing in the water, feeling its caress, I inhale deeply, taking in the magick that surrounds me. I draw the fresh bread from my satchel, and carefully set it atop a protruding stone.

I thank the Lord and Lady for their blessings, and pray that the abundance they have granted me may be shared with all who need it. I ask their protection, their guidance, their grace. I bow my head, spread my arms with upturned palms, and open my grateful heart to the wonderful life I have been offered.

After a moment, the mourning dove calls to me, signalling that it is time to leave this precious place. I nod, turning once more to take in the cathedral before me. I bid farewell to the Ancestors who have joined me on this Holy Day, and to the creatures who looked on. I step carefully out of the water, and turn back toward the forest. Home awaits.

Lughnasadh. A blessed day, indeed.

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