Right vs Happy

Monday morning well-being tidbit for your consideration: “Do you prefer that you be right or happy?” ~ ACIM

On many occasions over the course of our lives, we will find it impossible to be both at the same time. True strength is the ability to forego debate and defense, and to accept that the other party will never concede or agree that you are correct.

Move on, and exert your energy elsewhere. Their lessons in humility and integrity will come in their own time, without your help. Smile and detach from the situation. Then, consciously choose your own peace over your ego’s desire to feel superior.

Your time is much better spent nurturing the relationships that add joy to your day. Doing so can inspire a ripple effect of positivity that will radiate from you. This will empower others to echo this higher vibrational state.

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Card Reading ~ July 11 Earth Magic

Music is key today ~ allow yourself to sing, dance, chant and hum as often as possible. Enjoy your favourite songs and artists, and consider what it is that stirs you as you listen to, sing along with, sway to, or even create music. Music is a powerful healer, each note, tone, lyric and melody vibrates at a unique frequency – when combined, those vibrations form a specific dose of spiritual medicine, and when it resonates in your heart or mind, it is a signal that your Spirit is attuning in order to meet your unique needs. Give yourself permission to heal through the amazing Magick of Music today! ???

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Solar Eclipse in Leo

Considering that North America will be experiencing a Solar Eclipse this afternoon, I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite articles, outlining the significance and effects of this major astrological event. (disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any of the following websites – these links are shared solely because I personally found the articles to be of value)

This one from Darkstar Astrology does a great job of highlighting the main points of interest: check it out here.

Mystic Mamma explains the eclipse in respect to the Divine Feminine, and includes links to her preferred sources: check it out here.

Forever Conscious shares some serious tidbits for consideration as to the global effect of the eclipse, and its potential for great transformation: check it out here.

In this article, Astrology King offers a fab explanation of the entire chart concerning the eclipse, and what each aspect entails: check it out here.

Finally, I love this interview with Athena Perrakis, PhD (and founder/CEO of Sage Goddess) about the eclipse and its importance: check it out here.

As you can see, depending on your circumstances, character, natal chart, and the degree to which the Eclipse affects your area, you will find that its affects are quite varied. Overall, it is an opportunity for transformation and renewal ~ my wish for you is that you find peace and empowerment during this magickal time!

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Tarot & Thyme

As some of you know, my little shop is called “Tarot & Thyme”. What you may not know is that that name wasn’t chosen because it sounded pagan and mysterious, Earthy or just flowed nicely; the reasons are much more personal and close to my heart.

I chose the name in honor of two of my grandmothers, each of whom were responsible for planting seeds that set roots deep within my spirit, and greatly shaped the woman I am today.

“Tarot” is representative of my maternal grandmother, who gifted me my first deck of Oracle cards. I shared most of that story in a previous post, so I won’t go into the full story here. The summary is that I had never had any experience with divination, or anything outside of what was mainstream in that time. My grandmother was devout Christian, so it would seem to be an unlikely gift for her to give me, but I am very lucky that she saw in me something that I didn’t even understand myself, and blessed me with the catalyst that I needed in order to begin a lifelong spiritual journey. The cards ended up being the key to the awakening of my Soul, and my passion for divinatory arts was sparked. The rest is history.

As for “Thyme”, we must go back even further, into the earliest memories of my childhood. When visiting my great-grandmother, I used to love playing outside in her gardens. She had a beautiful vegetable field, a greenhouse, and a huge snowball bush in her front yard. However, what I loved the most was walking barefoot on her lawn, under a gigantic maple tree, because the entire space was carpeted with thyme. Each step unleashed a waft of that divine scent, filling my lungs with pure bliss. I remember laying under that tree, feeling the thyme under my bare arms and legs in the summer, and very slowly moving, just enough to keep a steady stream of the earthy, cleansing aroma flowing into my body. I always felt safe and loved when visiting my great-grandmother ~ walking into her presence truly was like coming home.

So there you are ~ a condensed version of the meaning behind “Tarot & Thyme”. It is a manifestation of the reverence I hold for two magnificent Goddesses, who may no longer be with me in physical form, but whose love and wisdom I carry in my heart, each and every day. 

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