Card Reading ~ March 6

The World is in your hands. Every action you take and each word you speak will create a ripple effect, so be conscious of the great power you hold. With this power comes unlimited potential, and you are capable of manifesting your dreams into physical reality. The secret is that you must follow your heart, listen to your intuition, and take mindful steps toward your goals. The time is now ~ choose to be an active participant in building the future, or be carried along with the current of someone else’s vision. ✨

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Card Reading ~ March 9

Today’s cards are all about some tough love □ A belief that you can not escape the cycle of lack, depression and victimhood is exactly what is holding you back. Of course, past (and current) experiences of hard times will affect you, and will play a part in how you move forward, but until you change your behaviours and thought patterns, you will not be able to improve the situation. Own your mistakes, focus on creating stability through self empowerment, and stop giving your power away through guilt, frustration and anger ~ a codependency has been formed, because it is always easier to blame another person, situation or experience for your hardships, actions and feelings. This habit enables you to ignore the part you have played, and avoid facing your own shadow. You can not control anyone or anything, except for yourself and the way you react – own that. You are independent and you have the means and the strength to make positive changes. Acknowledge your dreams and aspiritions, set goals, then take steps every day toward them. **You will not achieve these goals overnight**. This is a lifelong journey, and you have much to learn before you will be ready for success – but you must understand that the real gift is the adventure you embark upon in order to get there. Each tiny step will inch you forward, and when you look back on this time in the future, you will find that you’ve overcome mountains without burning yourself out. Stop trying to force things to happen ~ your tunnel vision of ego, self-pity and fear causes you to miss opportunities for growth and learning. You’re stronger than you think you are ~ don’t spend another minute hiding from your own power.

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Card Reading ~ March 21 Thoth Tarot

The 7 of Cups in the Thoth Tarot is asking us to focus on some serious shadow work. ❤ It speaks to the recent or forthcoming awareness of unhealthy influences surrounding you, which are draining your energy, health and peace of mind. These are people with whom you share some form of emotional ties, which is why their behaviour has continued, unchecked, for so long. Their poisons, so to speak, can be anything which may cause you heartache; gossip, betrayal, indifference, disloyalty or other such cruelties. This card urges you to make a choice as to what you will and will not accept from this moment on. Stand in your power, rise out of these murky, stagnant waters, and wash away the residual mess. You cannot change the behaviour of others, but you can decide to move on from toxic people and situations. ✨

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Card Reading ~ March 29 Magical Times

Action! This is no time to hesitate – you have procrastinated long enough. Fear is a reality that everyone experiences ~ a thread that ties us to our comfort zone, making it easy to convince ourselves that we will stumble and fail. Its time to cut that thread, and take action. The opportunities await you, but you’ll never see them if you keep your head in the sand! As this card says: “Movement creates magic”… Obstacles can be overcome with creativity and motivation, but nothing will change while you’re standing still! ✨ ————- Action! Ce n’est pas le moment d’hésiter – vous avez tergiversé assez longtemps. La peur est une réalité que tout le monde éprouve ~ un fil qui nous lie à notre zone de confort, ce qui rend facile de nous convaincre que nous trébucherons et échouerons. Il est temps de couper ce fil, et d’agir. Les possibilités vous attendent, mais vous ne les verrez jamais si vous gardez votre tête dans le sable! Comme cette carte dit: “Mouvement crée de la magie” … Rien ne changera si vous êtes debout! ✨

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On Learning the Tarot

There will always be debate about the “true” meanings and techniques when dealing with the Tarot. There are fundamentalists who claim to have authority in this domain, and they can be quite intimidating. I urge you to decide what works for you, and honour that. Personally, I place more value on experiential knowledge than on anything I read in a book. I know what works for me, and I urge you to actually *use* the Tarot, and rely on your own intuition and inner knowing to guide you. Of course, books and lectures are excellent sources of wisdom, and should never be disregarded. Particularly if you are just beginning, it is helpful to find a solid foundation on which to build your skills. Use these resources as your starting point, then dive deep into your own journey. Explore every avenue you find to learn what each card whispers to your spirit. Hold on to what resonates, and let go of anything else. You are a unique, one-of-a-kind being, so your relationship with the cards will be equally unique and one-of-a-kind.

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Two of Cups

The Two of Cups is one of those cards that means something quite different to me than what is considered traditional. I see it more as a warning card, to advise against giving in to pressure or expectations of others, to not allow yourself to be forced into a decision or obligation, and to avoid jumping into a relationship or commitment too quickly. ​For most others, though, this card represents balanced relationships, positive new partnerships, and agreeable contracts. It could also represent meeting someone new with whom you form a heart-centered bond.

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Hermit Mode

I have been feeling very introspective this last while, and craving the chance to be a hermit. It seems as though many of my spiritually connected friends are also feeling this desire – actually, more of a real need – for complete solitude, and a disconnect from the outer world. A yearning for time spent alone with our own thoughts, and to move, speak and listen in our own time and at our own pace. I suppose what we really want is to just slow down.Listen to the birds in the morning, and the peepers at night. Watch the branches of the trees sway in the breeze. See the sun rise and set, touching a different spot on the horizon each dawn and dusk. Observe the sights, sounds and smells of Nature as she takes in a deep breath, preparing to explode with new life at any moment. Allow the world to pass you by, as people rush to check off the next item on their to-do list. Detach from the frenzied chaos that is the modern lifestyle.Nature pays no mind to the ticking of the clock or the numbers on the calendar. She blossoms at precisely the moment when she feels the time is right. In this moment, follow Nature’s example, and slow down long enough to rekindle your lost connection with Life.Remember who you are ~ a beautiful member of the natural world.

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Card Reading ~ July 11 Earth Magic

Music is key today ~ allow yourself to sing, dance, chant and hum as often as possible. Enjoy your favourite songs and artists, and consider what it is that stirs you as you listen to, sing along with, sway to, or even create music. Music is a powerful healer, each note, tone, lyric and melody vibrates at a unique frequency – when combined, those vibrations form a specific dose of spiritual medicine, and when it resonates in your heart or mind, it is a signal that your Spirit is attuning in order to meet your unique needs. Give yourself permission to heal through the amazing Magick of Music today! ???

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Homemade Incense Cones

Earlier today, I shared photos of my handmade incense cones on Instagram. I was asked for the instructions and recipe, so here it is!

First, you’ll need to choose a base. I personally prefer to use ground cinnamon (because I LOVE cinnamon). You can also use ground ginger, sandalwood, sage, clove, or any other powdered dried herb, spice or bark. Optionally, you can also gather other spices that pair well with your base. You will also need some water – I try to always use moon water, rain water, river water or ocean water, but any water will work.

The cones I made today had a base of cinnamon, and I added ginger, clove, black pepper and red brick dust, and used water that I collected from the Atlantic ocean. I chose this blend because, first of all, I love it. Also, it will offer grounding, protection and purification of my space, and open communication with other realms during divination throughout Samhain. Each ingredient has it’s own properties, which I will outline in a later post.

You’ll want to use a special bowl, if you have one, because this process is intended to be meaningful and even spiritual in nature. I use a pretty blue bowl that my daughters gifted me for Mother’s Day, because it symbolizes (to me) the sacredness of the Unconditional Love we share, and holds a pure and joyful energy. If you don’t keep sacred mixing bowls, don’t fret – simply sprinkle some salt in any bowl, to clear any residual energies inside, then dump the salt outside. I use a tiny antique silver sugar spoon that my mother gave me to stir the incense powders, and mix in the water. You can just as easily mix your blend with your hands. Because making these incense is a part of my spiritual practice, I light a working candle, gather a few crystals, and make myself a cup of tea to enjoy. I like to play quiet instrumental music, and let my mind wander in a form of meditation while creating the cones. Follow your intuition and enjoy personalizing the process to make it more magickal for you, and suited to your unique practice.

Now, I don’t measure my ingredients, because I follow my nose, so to speak. As always, I started with a hearty scoop or two of my base (cinnamon), using my small spoon (you can eyeball it, if you prefer). Next, I sprinkled on the ginger, clove, pepper and red brick dust until I was happy with the scent. Adding the water can get a bit tricky, because if too much spills in, you’ll need to add more dry ingredients to make a solid “dough”. I find it easier to use an eye-dropper to add small amounts at a time, mixing well as I go, and stopping when I get the right consistency, which is basically like a thick cookie dough that holds its shape when rolled into a ball.

Next comes the fun part. Take a small piece of the mix, and roll into a ball. Once smooth, begin shaping it into a cone, with a pointy end ~ you’ll need it to be about the same size as store-bought cone incense, otherwise it won’t light or burn properly. Flatten the wider side (the base), and set the cone on a flat glass surface. Repeat this process until you’ve run out of the mixture.Set the cones in a spot where they will not be bothered, and allow to dry 5-7 days, turning at least twice each day, which will make sure that they are thoroughly dry, all the way through.Store in an airtight container, and use as you would any other cone incense.

Note: you may notice that the scent while burning is not as strong as store-bought cones, depending upon the ingredients you use. This is because you have not used any perfumes, preservatives or other chemicals in your incense (which is a good thing!).​

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River of Shadows

​I have spent a lot of time alone in my own mind over the last ten months. I recognize that, in the past, I had the habit of making sure that I spent very little time alone, most likely to avoid going so deep within myself. This was never a conscious decision, but a decision all the same.

Before all of my children were of school age, I had an easy and completely valid excuse. After that, I had a job, which I made sure to use as a replacement excuse. Sure, I had days off, but I didn’t use them effectively. I failed to dig much deeper than the surface of my wellbeing, and so I was able to find solace in little more than a hot bath.

More often, though, I would be sure to never allow myself to stay alone for long. I would take a walk to the mall, or make plans with friends, or otherwise distract myself. That was when I lived in a place surrounded by people I knew, and within walking distance of any number of retail outlets to appease my discomfort with silence.

But now the game has changed. I don’t have the luxury of distraction anymore. I am alone for the majority of each day through the week, and although I love the quiet, it has become just as exhausting as the heavily booked schedule I used to keep. I learned quickly that when you spend large amounts of time in solitude, you inevitably begin to face the gateways of your conscious awareness, journeying deeper and deeper until you reach spaces akin to the dark, cold water in the middle of an unfamiliar river with only the moon lighting the way; at first, there’s exhilaration, then you are overcome with a feeling of uneasiness as you realize your own vulnerability, afraid to open your eyes for fear of what you may find to be swimming alongside you.

When you make the commitment to work with your shadow on such a level, I feel that you are unlocking your own personal Pandora’s Box. Memories and emotions that you had long forgotten will present themselves with enough strength to take you back in time. Trauma from which you had convinced yourself you had recovered ages ago will take you to your knees. Forgotten pain that you had locked in a dungeon in the back of your mind will escape and seek you out with a vengeance. You may find yourself sitting as judge and jury, scrutinizing past decisions, reliving shame and sorrow as if you had made them yesterday. Unpacking chests full of guilt and humiliation, inspecting each one until you remember every detail. Turning the pages of imaginary photo albums, remembering family and friends who no longer exist in your physical life, separated either by distance or death. Recounting every missed opportunity, and each unanswered question that you never allowed to escape from your lips.

Not only will your own actions be revisited, but you will also scrutinize your relationships under a figurative microscope, learning more about the people in your life than you may want to know. Your feelings toward some of them may even change. You will see people who surround you in a new light, and be forced to face your true perception of them, with neither ego nor infatuation clouding your vision.

These are the shadows that cry for love. The weight that we hold within our Spirit, denying ourselves the ability to rise above. Poisons that we have voluntarily injected into our Soul, by means of unforgiveness, anger, resentment and judgement. The usual tools of smoke cleansing, meditation, connecting and grounding have helped to keep me centered as I move through this time of self-awareness and realization, but they are only comparable to bandages when it comes to healing wounds that have festered, unchecked, for so long.

I am learning that there is no ten-second cure for healing at this level– I can not build a bridge over this river. The only option is to dive in, head first, and embrace the unknown creatures that reside there. They may not be beautiful, but they are of my own creation, and as such, deserve my acceptance. Only by giving love to each and every one can I expect them to carry me to the sunnier banks on the other side of the River of Shadows.

Once you have seen and felt these raw awakenings, as painful as they may seem, they can never again be forgotten. A greater understanding of your own values, needs and tolerance levels will make you acutely aware of what you will and will not allow in your life, and it will be easier to find the spark of your inner fire, with which to enforce your newly discovered boundaries. You will have no choice but to become your authentic self, because you will no longer fit inside the confines of the shell from which you have just emerged.

At that moment, your life will change, because you, yourself, have been transformed from within.

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