Three Card Reading


Three-card readings are very versatile, and can be applied to nearly any area that requires guidance and clarity, or a deeper understanding of a situation. It can also give a more dynamic view of a situation or relationship.

Responses are three paragraphs in length.

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When placing your order:

Please use the “Additional Information” section during checkout to include your birth date, your question, and any relevant details you’d like to share in order to help me clearly interpret your cards.

Suggestions of topics for readings include:
life purpose, self-growth, shadow work, looking ahead, clarity, empowerment, recognizing and overcoming obstacles, overview of situations, spirituality, and much more.

Delivery of readings:
All card readings are delivered as a PDF file via email. Unless otherwise instructed, I will use the email address provided in the payment transaction.

​Please note:
I am not a “fortune teller” or a “love doctor”. I offer my services in an effort to give insight, guidance and support along your journey. Tarot Cards do not dictate your future, nor should you make decisions based solely on the results of a reading. You are always responsible for your own actions, behavior and choices, as well as the consequences that follow.

I do not sugar-coat my readings: the cards will not necessarily give you the answers you want, but I firmly trust that they will provide the responses that you need. Readings are non-refundable.

Readings are only offered for clients who have reached the age of majority in their location.
Readings should never replace the care and advice of doctors, counselors or other professionals.

Some laws and regulations require professional readers, like myself, to state that these services are intended for entertainment only. 

Please review the Reading Terms & FAQs.