Tarot Readings

Tarot Message • June 12

The Tarot is giving us some straight talk this morning:

What, exactly, is holding you back? Money? Time? Circumstance?

The truth is, none of these are the cause of your stagnation. You’re stuck in place only because you believe that you are. Instead of trusting your intuition, being creative and taking conscious action, there has been far too much energy focused on the obstacles that lie in your path, and outright refusal to hold yourself accountable.

But, my darling, success must be earned through hard work and determination; challenges can be overcome, but complacency will hinder every step you take until you make a change. Start small, and don’t overwhelm yourself – don’t expect immediate results. It took you a long time to reach this point, so time and effort are mandatory requirements to lead you to fulfillment.

You are more than capable… just shake off the funk and move forward. ✨

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