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The Divine Masculine

Please note that I use the terms Divine Masculine, Divine Feminine, man, woman, etc. in an energetic and archetypal context in this post. Embrace your true essence, and stand proud and steadfast in your core identity. You are perfect. You are loved.

I often speak of the Divine Feminine, and of honoring the Goddess that lies within each of us. For many ages, the Goddess has been repressed and abused, and it is important to shed light, love and reverence upon Her.

However ~ we must not forget to embrace and adore the Divine Masculine, because He, too, has been jaded and disfigured throughout history. Claiming that a man is nothing more than lust and aggression, and harbors an unquenchable thirst for battle is belittling, and (I believe) is a large part of the troubles that we see everyday in our present world.

The essence of man is equally as capable of loving and nurturing as that of woman. It is unfair and cruel to strip a man of the right to emulate this part of the Divine Masculine by claiming that he is “getting in touch with his femininity”. It is demeaning to claim that he is not in control of his primal urges, or that he is not civilized enough to understand right from wrong.

Saying “boys will be boys” while observing aggression between men speaks to the belief that they are no more than wild boars, and denies the sanctity of Brotherhood. This makes some men feel ashamed to show love and compassion for each other. I may not identify as a man myself, but I feel confident in my belief that all those who identify as male crave a circle of Brethren, just as deeply as I need my Sisters.

Why should those who are masculine feel ashamed of their desire to protect and provide? And why should feminine souls feel disgust when their Lovers wish to shower them with gifts of security and stability? It does not stomp on our independence ~ it should make us feel free to follow our passions, whether that means following a career outside of the home, or a career as a domestic Goddess. Perhaps we should change our perspective, and be grateful that we are loved so deeply that, in their eyes, our happiness is worth the hard work and effort it takes to provide that opportunity.

Of course, this extreme in polarities has caused an enormous rift within “traditional roles”, and using this divinity as an excuse for abuse or oppression is shameful. Loving, respecting and honoring your partner, their beliefs, opinions, feelings and their overall well-being should always – ALWAYS – come first. This post is not – I repeat NOT – addressing the current crisis of domestic violence, which has no place in the manifestation of either the Divine Masculine or Feminine.

I digress…

Perhaps the increase in unrest among the spectrum of genders and their various chosen roles is due to the long history of repression of BOTH the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine embodiments. Maybe it’s time that we stop and honor both sides of this coin, and learn to love and revere each other. Let go of the “battle of the sexes” mentality, and the need to compete with each other to prove superiority. The point is, we were created to support and nurture each other ~ the strength of one fills the space of weakness for the other.

So, to all the masculine identities who are working hard to break free of the “real man” stigma ~ keep your chin up. Take this bit of advice that we of the feminine mind have been giving each other for ages: Love yourself, just as you are.

You are the Divine Masculine incarnate.

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